Are You a Good Candidate for Bariatric Surgery?

Patients report that bariatric surgery benefits them. Polls show that over 90% are very pleased with the results, even five years later. But “everyone who has a bariatric procedure” is not necessarily the same as “everyone who wants it”. Bariatric … Continue reading →

Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

Any bariatric procedure, like any other surgery, carries with it the need for preparation on the part of the patient. That reduces the risks of post-surgical complications and optimizes the chance of the best outcome. But weight loss surgery entails … Continue reading →

What is Bariatric Dumping Syndrome?

Bariatric Dumping Syndrome (BDS) is an occasional side-effect of certain bariatric surgeries. It’s more common with a gastric bypass procedure, but it can occur after other forms, too. It’s the name for the condition when the stomach contents empty too … Continue reading →